A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma…


Since 1994, the San Jose Sharks have advanced to the Stanley Cup Playoffs 20 times…and have hoisted Lord Stanley’s cup exactly…zero times. Does that mean all of those seasons are “failures”? Only one team gets to claim a championship per season…does it mean all the others are failed campaigns? I suppose if you are serious about the sport, you go into the season with one goal in mind, whether it is realistic or not: win a title. Otherwise, why are you even bothering trying? Still, it means a lot of teams have to move those goalposts for what they would consider a “successful season”. That said, a realistic expectation has to be embraced and that means at least trying to get to the playoffs – as they say, get to the dance, first. So, here’s the question:

Would you rather:

A: Win one championship in a ten-year period, and not make the playoffs in any of the other nine.


B: Not win a single title in that ten-year period, but make the playoffs seven times.

What’cha gonna do?

You lose in the Finals, they’re all disappointing. Doesn’t matter if I’m playing in Miami, Cleveland, or on Mars. You lose the Finals, it’s disappointing.

LeBron James